Baja California Sur besides being a tourist paradise, located in the northwestern region of the country, its incredible landscapes with the Sea of Cortez in the background, along with a pleasant and warm climate most of the year, make this state the ideal place for buying home, currently ranking as number 2 in the world of Real Estate. This corner of Mexico has an exotic territory that includes, beaches, mountain ranges, deserts and mines.

Its capital city, La Paz, is surrounded by the desert and its streets enclose you in an atmosphere of tranquility, if you are looking to relax, its name “Peace” says it all. You cannot miss the Anthropological Museum, take a walk along its Malecón (Boardwalk) and of course visit its beautiful beaches such as El Tecolote, El Coromuel, Pichilingue, El Tesoro, La Ventana and Bahía de los Sueños where you can go scuba diving, fishing, sailing or just enjoy a sunny day.

One of the most visited and popular places in Baja California Sur is undoubtedly Los Cabos, the quintessential vacation destination of Hollywood stars, it is surrounded by deserts, heavenly beaches, luxury resorts, golf courses, a wide range of entertainment activities and multiple shopping options.

Los Cabos opening its doors to millions of international travellers assures that safety and security is its primary focus. Living in Cabo is safe and comfortable as many precautions are taken for its visitors and residents alike, having easy access to English-speaking medical care in the region is an added benefit as well.

Homeowners in Los Cabos will find that overall the cost of living is lower than in the United States or Canada like groceries, utilities, etc. When it comes to property taxes buyers are pleasantly surprised as they are much lover as well, many private developments HOA dues are also very reasonably priced