Mural Art: The most representative visual festival in Baja California Sur.

It is refreshing to write this blog bathed in the heat of Baja, breathing desert and exhaling sea, in a land where we can find a pleasant atmosphere, full of warm people, music and landscapes that sometimes seem to be taken directly from a fairy tale. fairies.


To talk about art in Baja, it is necessary to provide a bit of context, since this artistic story and its influence date back a long time, further back than you can imagine, beginning with the first inhabitants of our territory, the ancestors of the amerindios cochimíes, quienes dentro de sus actividades fueron los precursores del arte muralista a través de la elaboración de pinturas rupestres las cuales son patrimonio de nuestra nación.


In Baja, when surfing in the streets of this incredible place, we can find quite famous activities and tourist attractions, renowned restaurants and bars, etc. However, this has always made me think about all those areas that are not part of the route. tourism but if they are part of the population's attempt to improve the local economy through entrepreneurship in fields such as food & beverages, tourist services and basic trades, you may think: and what does this have to do with mural art? which is an excellent question and it is my pleasure to answer.


In Los Cabos BCS there is a lot of artistic talent, in all the media that this refers to, taking this point into account, Prepare 2100 through Digital Art Scene intends to celebrate, promote and fight for the promotion of the artistic expression of the place, starting with Muralism.


Muralism is an artistic expression for which Mexican art was recognized worldwide with masters such as Siqueiros, Rivera and Orozco who through this medium helped to reconstruct the national identity of a post-revolutionary Mexico, today the artists continue with the legacy creating murals with purpose, which apart from beautifying the landscape, provide a voice for the masses, expressing problems or issues of attention which leave a mark on our society.


The project will start with a contest of muralists…. Moment I must restructure the sentence, the project will start with the most important mural contest of 2021 in BCS, with incredible prizes and a worthy diffusion prepare 2100 will revolutionize this field and in turn encourage collective thinking inclined to the beauty of these works to remove stigma and develop interest in artistic fields for future generations.


I will continue this story soon to share more details of the path that Get Ready 2021 is paving, I say goodbye with my hand on my heart hoping my brief words can have an impact and be a constant invitation to love art.


By Mista Mc Fla


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