The world is the canvas and the streets our museum, with this in mind Digital Art Scene aims to be the perfect environment for developing the relationship between artists, society and all parties involved, through innovative ideas like our very own open air museum , interactive galleries and events, allowing the community to experience first hand the meaning and what's behind each Mural.
DAS desires to celebrate the local artists by generating a platform which would allow the public to interact with murals, customize them, print merch to support the artists and even donate.
In DAS We believe in change, so it's our responsibility to be always updated and bring available options for art and its digital version like the use of NFT’s.

Mujeres Emprendedoras y Dueñas is a platform of service to the business community and specifically supportive of the special needs and challenges women will face in business.  We aim to promote and support entrepreneurship through inclusive activities directed towards the development of future women leaders, providing tools so that they can form the foundations of their businesses.
Our community center is focused on women but men are welcome to bring social justice with gender equality, entrepreneurship as path to leadership and strengthening credentials with a business education all together under qualified mentors, leaders, specialists and a place where you get empowered and accelerate the growth of your business under one roof connecting with like-minded women devoted to reach the goal of connecting together and grow together.


Esymphony takes advantage of our unique place in space and time, in relationship to the rapid pace of human evolution driven by digital transformation.  We interpret and introduce ancient and classical forms of music and project our interpretations specifically for the future generations. Our aim is through innovation, technology, and creativity we preserve the non-digital heritage and the foundations of Music that they may be understood and appreciated appropriately by undoubtedly more advanced generations of humanity of the future.  Our storytellers, future-teller musicians, transform themselves past, present, and future holographically, their aim is to keep relevant the importance and connections of music, art culture, climate, and social justice.

Digitize America is a non-profits organization that promotes strategic activities for social development regarding the digital literacy of the population of Baja California Sur and their inclusion in the digital culture. This is possible through the execution of education projects and contents, local events and social programs to approach the population to digital technologies. Our main goal is to close any digital divide in the region, with no child or adult digitally left behind, by making possible everyone’s access to technologies, digital literacy and increasing job opportunities, in order to eliminate socio-economic divide between the richest and poorest counties and citizens amongst us.