Empowering people
Encouraging development
Promoting ecology

Attracting tech CEOs and investors to Baja California Sur.

We envision the future, prepare the market, and finance planning through 2100.

Preparate 2100 AC is a non-profit civil association in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico created as an economic development alliance that unites activities of cultural, academic, economic and professional growth for sustainable economic productivity. We design these advances while protecting the environment, heritage and preservation of the unspoiled nature of the area.

With a schedule of 80 years to achieve our goal of redefining the strategic ecosystem of social and cultural activities in Baja California Sur, we are deeply dedicated to developing a technology-based community of diversified markets and participating as leaders in the evolution and importance of the State. United Mexicans, the Caribbean and Latin America.


Presidente, Preparate 2100 AC

In the age of information technology, access is more important than place of birth or socioeconomic class. As long as you have access to opportunities and information, you can establish your own future and that of your family .

Our Purpose

We prioritize and promote the development of underrepresented sectors that have the potential for substantial growth. This ensures widespread and sustainable tourist interest while driving growth in the technology and innovation sectors in Baja California Sur.  

Our Objective

Preparate 2100 AC promotes the social dialogue required today and helps partners with like-minded goals to create a better future. We connect an aspirational vision of what life could be like for the citizens of Baja California Sur in the year 2100 for current and future economies.

Our Business Model

Our revenues are a mix of proceeds from the licensing of plans and intellectual property created by the Preparate Task Forces and funding from the activities of various agencies while using the Preparate 2100 AC as a hub and public facet.


Phillip C. Roark

President & Founder

Alejandra Palau

General Director

Klaudia Kamencikova

Director, elMed

Federico Hidalgo

Director, The New Academy of Arts for Tourism

Alan Crosby

Director, Digiral Art Scene

Ignacio Spina

Director, Digitize America


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